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Your Beliefs Affect Your Choices and Results.

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Do your beliefs reflect reality or do they create it? Over the past several years, I have learned that your thoughts and beliefs play an overwhelming amount of influence on altering your life.

I have come to the realization that the stronger you stand in and hold those beliefs, the more they affect what choices you make.

Beliefs, Choices and Results.

I know there are several individuals that don't believe in life after death. They stand firm in their belief that once you die, that’s it! You're dead. There are no lights, no darkness, no heaven, no hell, no deceased family members or friends that come for you, no waiting for you, no greeting you when you cross the veil, or anything of the sort. They simply believe once you die, it's ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and nothing is going to change their belief, in that aspect. Period.

There are individuals that don't believe that your consciousness will continue on, they don't believe that you maintain your personality, after death and for some of these individuals, it shows to be true, in how they choose to live their life. They aren't, at all interested in learning or growing. I'm not suggesting these individuals are ignorant people, either. In fact, most of these individuals are quite the opposite and are, what I consider to be, intelligent people. They simply don’t use their full intellect, in any way, that matters to a lot of people.

It's as if, all they want or care to do is to "just get through the day" at their "boring" and "unfulfilling" job so they can go home and entertain themselves with their own hedonistic pleasures. I've also learned that these same individuals don't believe in karma, let alone know what karma actually is or means. They definitely don't believe in reincarnation and since they don’t believe there will be anything to look forward to, in the afterlife, they don't go out of their way to help other people nor do some of these individuals strive to be or become the better version of their self or even a better person, in general. I, oftentimes, refer to these types of individuals, as "existing on auto-piolet". Where they eat, sleep, work, (or not) try to have fun then repeat.

As a medium, a spiritual development teacher, and a mentor I prefer to lead by example by training and coaching my students in maintaining a certain level of professionalism by adhering to, what I refer to as, "The Golden Rules" which are ethical and professional conducts that most professionals hold their self too. I especially recommend they not initiate by force, discussions of the existence of life after death or how the spirit of the deceased survives life after death or even the possibility of it with people unless they ask them to or bring up the subject.

I've learned that there are a lot of people who are quite uncomfortable about the thought of communicating with individual spirit energies or spirit entities. Some people are convinced it's evil, the trickery of Satan, the devil, psychosis, and so on to believe in life after death and/or spirit communication. There are some that openly admit that it's not a matter of them not believing in the existence of life after death or spirit communication, it's more the matter of them not understanding the process of dying or how mediumship even works so they aren't sure whether to believe or not believe in the existence of life after death. There are also those that don't agree or disagree because they've never witnessed or experienced any sort of encounter that leaves them to believe that either exists.

Before I proceed, I'd like to make it known that before I agree to teach and mentor anyone, I always prefer to talk with them beforehand. This helps me to determine whether the individual suffers from a serious form of psychosis because I don't want to cause anyone any sort of additional chaos or harm. If I have hesitations, I politely yet gently decline. I make it a point to explain (to students, sitters, or anyone that asks) that there really isn't any factual proof or evidence, that's written in stone, just as there isn't any proof or evidence that once you die, life just snuffs you out either. I've learned that these same individuals have adopted these exact beliefs, quite easily.

In all fairness, most do admit that when it's presented to them in that aspect, that I do tend to have a point. Then there are those individuals that admit that they aren't certain that they even want to continue to live in spirit, after death, and this is why they don't bother themselves with trying too hard in life. Why not just have as much fun as possible, consequences be damned?

There are some individuals that base their decisions on the belief that we are just biological entities enjoying a very brief and pointless existence. That we are born to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Please know that I’m not, by any means, saying or claiming that these individuals are wrong to have these beliefs, by any means. I also believe in free will, where we are free to believe in whatever works for us and free to choose who we are, what we think and believe, when, where, why, and even how we choose to spend our time, in life.

What I'm doing is making it a point to tell you that your thoughts and beliefs do affect your choices. In turn, those same choices that you make, do affect the overall results that you may or may not be searching for.

The majority of my decisions are based on the belief that, in my opinion, and for me, life is a lot like a school. I’m here to learn, to grow, to teach, and to eventually graduate. What beliefs do you carry and what choices do those beliefs cause you to make? Are you happy with the results?

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